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Used Karts & Motors

Used Motors:
K-88 Open Komet, No Carburetor
Corsair Stock, With Carburetor
Stock K-78 Komet
Modifed K-78 Komet
TKM Reed Stock
DAP Piston Port Stock
Open Corsair, With Twin Carburetors
Open K-78 Komet, With Carburetor
Stock K-78 Komet, No Carb, Late Model
Open K-78 Komet (Fast) Spare Parts Motor
Yamaha KT100 Blueprinted


Used Karts:
Biesse 125 Yamaha Shifter
2 - Emmicks KT-100s
Coyote Bullet KT-100 Starter/Stand


Please call the shop for prices.

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