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If you don't see a part or service you're looking for, please give us a call anyway. We just may have or do it!



Electronic Gauges:

Other brands available. Please call the shop.

Racing Fluids:
Please call the shop.


Paul Martin


European Kart Parts:
Righetti Rodol􀃖

American Fun-Kart Parts & Vintage Kart Parts:
Cates seats and fairings, and other parts available.

Please call the shop.

Seats and Rib Protectors
Armadillo Rib Vest


Motor Building Services:
Rebuild Yamaha Crank
Rebuild European Crank
Rebuild Shifter Crank
Straighten Rod
Rebuild Yamaha Carburetor
Rebuild Ibea Carburetor
Rebuild KT100 Motor
Rebuild European Motor
Rebuild Shifter Motor

Mac Motor Machining Services:
Bore & Hone Cylinder
True Flywheel to Crank
Rebuild Carburetor
Rebuild Motor
Blast Motor and Repaint
Blueprint Rd. Cage

Yamaha and European Motors:
Hone Cylinder and Fit Piston
Lite Hone Cylinder, Brake Glaze
Bore Cylinder & Hone Cylinder
Square Bottom Cylinder with Bore of Cylinder
Blueprint Head
Square Cases with Center Line of Crank, Guaranteed .0002 TIR
Line Bore and Square Top and Bottom of Cases KT100 Yamaha. Done on exchange basis, Guaranteed .0002 TIR
Machine Reed Manifold for Increased Flow
Port Exhaust and Intake, KT100 Yamaha
Port Exhaust and Intake, Reed Jet Type Motor
Port Exhaust and Intake Shifter Motor

Repair Broken Crankshaft Threads, European Motors

Blue Print Briggs Head
Line Bore and Hone Briggs Cylinder
Bronze Billet Guides Briggs
Machine Block for Guides
Install Billet Guide Center Drill, Drill, Ream Guide
Cut Seat
Grind Seat
Lap, Polish, Seal Valves, Test to 100 PSI
Machine Stock Crank, Install Tungsten for Improved Balance
True Flywheel to Crank
Blue Print Briggs Carburetor
Bore Briggs Carburetor for Outlaw Racing
Port Exhaust
Port Intake
Remove Old Seat, Bore, Install New Seat
Sleeve Blocks





Blue Print Motor Clutch
Blue Print Axle Clutch
Motor Clutch Blue Print Black Plate, Face and OD
Blue Print Pressure Plate, Face and OD
Axle Clutch Blue Print, Pressure Plate
Axle Clutch Blue Print Floaters
Matched Springs for Motor and Axle Clutches

Trick Parts:
Billet Stuffer Manifold Allows for Straight Mounting of Carburetor, Requires Straight Boot -- Not Included
Billet Coil Bracket for Shifter Motors, Includes Rubber Mounts for Coil & Ground Strap, Mounts on Top (2) Manifold Bolts
Billet Spray Ring for Mikuni 34mm Carburetor
Bore Above Carburetor and Install Ring
Billet Intake Manifolds for Rotary Valve European Motors, 34mm Carburetor Size
Mac Hi & Low Speed Needle for Mac 5 - Mac 9 Flat Back Old Style Carbs and Diaphrams
New simpler Dzus Fastener

Brake Services:
Turn Front Rotor
Grind Front Rotor
Turn Rear Rotor
Grind Rear Rotor
Machine Cup-Style Pistons for 'O' Ring
Trick Twin 'O' Ring Front Pistons
Trick 'O' Ring
Bleed (4) Wheel Brake System
Complete Brake Service (Includes Turn (2) Front Rotors, Turn (1) Rear Rotor, 'O' Ring All Pistons, Master Cylinder,

and Wheel Cylinders, (1) Bottle 600º Brake Fluid, Hone, Clean, and Assemble Master Cylinders and Wheel Cylinders)

Chassis Set-Up Services:
Set Toe In or Toe Out
Adjust Caster and Camber
Level Rear Axle with Chassis
Mount Seat Per Instructions
Check Weight (4 Corners, Front & Rear Percentages, Right & Left Side Weight, Cross Weight)
Complete Chassis Set-Up (includes all of the above)

Cryogenic Processing and Ceramic/Powder Coatings:
Stress relieving, dimensional stabilization, wear resistance, and durability!
One time permanent process refines and closes grain structure of metals,
stress relieves alloys and aluminum for tighter tolerance machining.
Ask about our Dyno Services!

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